Tests No Longer Required on Days 2, 5 and 7 for Travellers to Cayman

Grand Cayman Villa Rentals - tests not needed

We’re happy to share that as of today, fully vaccinated and securely verified travellers will no longer face multiple COVID tests after touching down in the Cayman Islands!The requirement to have travellers take lateral flow tests on day 2, 5, and 7 after arrival in Cayman have been lifted.

We know what a challenge these tests were for our guests, so we’re happy that things are getting easier than ever.

For complete details on Cayman’s current travel requirements, please visit: https://www.visitcaymanislands.com/travel-requirements

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or would like assistance planning your next getaway.

Warm regards,

Your friends at Villas of the Galleon.

Welcome Back, Families!

Grand Cayman Villa Rentals - welcome back

Now that the Cayman Islands have entered Phase 5 of its reopening plan, the Villas of the Galleon are looking forward to welcoming back you and your families to the Caymans. Children under the age of 12 now assume the vaccination status of their travelling parents or guardian thereby permitting them to enter the country without quarantine.

And, as with Phase 4, fully vaccinated travellers over the age of 12 are also exempt from quarantine, provided that vaccination status can be securely verified.

We’ve missed the many families that travel to Cayman each year, so for guests considering a last-minute beachfront getaway this winter, an exclusive 15% discount is available on your choice of Villas for travel now until March 31st.

We look forward to seeing you!

*For more information on the current travel requirements, please visit: www.visitcaymanislands.com/travel-requirements

Sun, Sand and Fun at Starfish Point.

Villas on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman - starfish

No trip to Grand Cayman is complete without a visit to Starfish Point.

Located on the quiet, north side of Grand Cayman, the shallow, azure waters off the beach are beautifully calm, allowing dozens of vibrant sea stars to bask in the sunlight. The most common species found at Starfish Point is the Red Cushion Sea Star (Oreaster reticulatus), known for its warm hues of red, orange, and yellow.

The beach offers a stunning location for a refreshing swim, and because the waters are mostly about knee-high, there is no need to bring snorkelling gear, though you can if you want a closer look at the local sea life. Please remember Sea stars are protected under Cayman law, and taking them out of the water is illegal as it will harm or even kill them.

This stunning, isolated sandbar is located 2.4 miles from famous Rum Point, making it a good day trip to hit both beach attractions for family-friendly adventures.

With palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze, and soft sand tickling your bare feet, this is truly a Caribbean paradise.