1. Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is a top attraction not only in Grand Cayman but in the world. With its 5.6 mile stretch of coral white-sand and crystal-clear turquoise water, it’s an absolute paradise. Find a secluded spot to bathe in the sun or take part in the many activities.

2. Rum Point

Rum Point got its name after a supposed shipwreck that spilled barrels of rum off the shore and is famous for the invention of the Mudslide cocktail at Wrack beach bar. Rum point, despite its name, is very family-friendly. Rum point has white sand beaches and shallow calm water, making it perfect for snorkeling around the barrier reef.

3. Stingray City

The world-famous Stingray City Sandbar is just a 15-minute boat ride from Rum Point. Swim with stingrays is one of the most popular excursions in Grand Cayman. The stingrays are comfortable around humans and don’t be surprised if they swim up against you.

4. Snorkeling

With so many beaches and snorkeling destinations in Grand Cayman, you could snorkel at a new place every day of the week. The range of biodiversity and its crystal-clear waters makes it easy to see coral reefs, tropical fish, stingrays, turtles, shipwrecks, and much more.

5. Diving

Diving in Grand Cayman is one of the biggest draws to the islands. For the beginner diver, check out Ex USS Kittiwake. A shipwreck that has been cut open for a safe and easy dive. For a more challenging dive, check out the North Wall, with over 1800 meters/6000 feet of coral to explore.