Our History

Paying Homage to Cayman’s Seafaring Culture

Three centuries ago, the early settlers of the Cayman Islands included deserters of Oliver Cromwell’s army, refugees escaping the Spanish inquisition, shipwreck survivors, and wayfaring pirates. Their deep connection to the sea forms the very essence of the name ‘Villas of the Galleon’ paying homage to Cayman’s seafaring culture and the enduring legacy of its early settlers.

A Vision Brought to Life

Architects Onions, Bouchard and McCulloch brought our maritime vision to life, in conjunction with the Galleon Beach Hotel. This historic establishment, a precursor to the present-day Westin, was among the longest-standing hotels on the island at the time. The Villas of the Galleon project unfolded in three phases: the first in 1979 at the property’s core, the second in 1980 beside the Ritz Carlton, and the third in 1982 neighboring the Westin Hotel. The villas originally featured brown roofs. Over time, these roofs underwent a transformation, now showcasing a serene blue hue that perfectly complements the dazzling Caribbean Sea.

A Haven for Early Scuba Divers

Upon completion of the Villas, the stylish beach resort emerged as a haven for early scuba divers, reflecting the pioneering endeavors of Bob Soto in the 1950s, who founded Cayman’s diving legacy.

Staying true to its origins, Villas of the Galleon continues to exude the same laid-back, barefoot elegance it was founded upon, warmly welcoming generations of families and friends to soak up the sun on these iconic shores.

Original Sales Brochure (1979)

Historic Photos