Make your stay at Villas of the Galleon even more unforgettable this November. From the 9th to the 19th, enjoy the Pirates Week Festival and add a dash of excitement and adventure to your vacation.

A Legendary Tradition

For more than four decades, Pirates Week has been hailed as the Cayman Islands’ most distinguished celebration, drawing an annual gathering of 35,000 festival enthusiasts. The festivities commence with an exhilarating mock-pirate ‘invasion’ from the sea at Hog Sty Bay in Georgetown, ushering in an unforgettable adventure. Embrace the spirit by donning your pirate attire and immersing yourself in the festivities, which includes treasure hunts, lively street dances, and a mouthwatering selection of Caribbean cuisine and rum cocktails tailored for a pirate captain’s palate.

Reconnect with Cayman’s Maritime Legacy

After a day at the Pirate Festival, unwind in our beachfront villas with captivating Caribbean views. The name ‘Villas of the Galleon’ holds a special significance, paying tribute to Cayman’s maritime heritage rooted in the past three centuries. Early settlers, including pirates and shipwreck survivors, shared an unwavering bond with the sea, shaping the essence of our resort.

Book Your Pirate Adventure

Experience the magic of Pirates Week during your stay at Villas of the Galleon from November 9th to 19th. Join us for a legendary celebration that you’ll treasure forever.