These Top-5 Hidden Gems of Grand Cayman will take you off the beaten path. With Villa Of The Galleon’s 7th Night Free offer, you can explore these unique island delights! Stay for a week and get the seventh night free from May 1st to September 30th, 2022! Rest peacefully in your pristine 1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom villa after a day of sunbathing, drinking rum and vodka, participating in enlightening tours, and savouring local food.

Distillery and Brewery Tour

At local distilleries and breweries, savour the perfume of distillation and learn about the history of fermentation. After you’ve had your fill of rums, beers, and vodka, head over to Tortuga Rum Cake Factory for their world-famous rum cakes.

Davidoff Sculpture Showcase

Don’t miss the quirky cement art done by quasi-local artist David Quasius, aka Davinoff. His works depict the natural beauty of the island and its inhabitants, which include octopuses, crocodiles, and mermaids. You can even swim alongside a shark without concern!

History & Heritage Tour

With a guided tour that focuses on the most interesting aspects of our legacy, you can learn about Grand Cayman’s rich history. Admire Pedro St. James Castle, Grand Cayman’s oldest structure, before touring the Governor’s Residence, the National Museum, and more!

Lovers Wall

A stone wall with two modest plaques reading “Lovers Wall” exists on Queen’s Highway in the Eastern Grand Cayman district. From the wall enjoy views of local flora and impressive rock formations. It is preferable to explore this mystery sight at sunset, as the region is underwhelming during the day. It’s worth a visit following a visit to the Blowholes, which are only 2 kilometres away.

Vivine’s Restaurant

With the authentic Caribbean and Western fare on offer, the food is delicious and appeals to any patron’s taste. Because it’s also in the East End, it’s a great place to visit before or after the Blowholes.