The Cayman Islands are known for their pure white sand beaches surrounded by coral reefs and best of all, all beaches are accessible to the public for free. Here are the top five beaches to visit

1. Seven-mile Beach consistently ranks as one of the best beaches in the world. Despite its name, its real length is 5.6 miles long. The seven-mile beach is special because it possesses soft white sand, warm crystal-clear turquoise water, and is close to coral reefs. There are tons of beach and water activities to partake in. It’s the perfect place to do, well – whatever your heart desires.

2. Starfish Point Beach got its name because this is where you will find colorful Starfish speckled along the shallow waters of the beach. Just walk out in the shallow water and you will find Starfish just below the surface. You can even touch them but be very gentle and careful not to remove them from the water. Bring Snorkeling gear if you want to go out a little further to see even more Starfish.

3. Rum Point is perfect for families with children. The shallow water and calm waters provide an oasis for swimming and snorkeling. With its white sand and many places to relax with a cocktail or smoothie to soak up the sun, it doesn’t get more picture-perfect than this.

4. Smiths Cove is a popular beach to relax and watch the sunset. The beach is on the south end of Grand Cayman Island and has the same soft white sand you would expect in the Caymans. The landscape has beautiful rock structures, making this a photographer’s dream. It is also a popular place to snorkel off the shore with lots of coral and tropical fish.

5. Barefoot Beach is for those who want to find a lesser-known secret beach. It’s on the northeast side of Grand Cayman – far away from tourist attractions. You will most likely have the beach to yourself. Expect to find it a little on the wild side with seaweed and driftwood washed ashore. On a calm day it’s a great spot to suntan, take a dip in the water or end the day with a beach barbeque.