If you’re visiting the Cayman Islands, Restaurant Month offers an authentic taste of the local cuisine in one convenient package. This October, renowned local restaurants will craft specially designed menus at fixed prices, starting from just $15 for lunch and $25 for dinner.

Not only does Grand Cayman boast an array of exceptional dining options, but Villas of the Galleon itself is nestled among many great restaurants, making it the ideal location to explore the local food scene.

Here are our top five reasons to take in the important culinary event:

  1. Meet Culinary Experts: Some venues might offer the chance to interact with chefs and kitchen staff, providing insights into their creative process.
  2. Value for Money: Enjoy specially crafted menus at fixed prices, providing exceptional value for both lunch and dinner experiences.
  3. Exclusive Menus: Experience the creativity of renowned local chefs as they design unique menus exclusively for this event.
  4. Local Ingredients: Indulge in dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients that reflect the authentic taste of the Cayman Islands.
  5. Discover Hidden Gems: You might uncover hidden culinary gems and off-the-beaten-path