Explore the Top-5 Hidden Gems of Grand Cayman

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These Top-5 Hidden Gems of Grand Cayman will take you off the beaten path. With Villa Of The Galleon’s 7th Night Free offer, you can explore these unique island delights! Stay for a week and get the seventh night free from May 1st to September 30th, 2022! Rest peacefully in your pristine 1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom villa after a day of sunbathing, drinking rum and vodka, participating in enlightening tours, and savouring local food.

Distillery and Brewery Tour

At local distilleries and breweries, savour the perfume of distillation and learn about the history of fermentation. After you’ve had your fill of rums, beers, and vodka, head over to Tortuga Rum Cake Factory for their world-famous rum cakes.

Davidoff Sculpture Showcase

Don’t miss the quirky cement art done by quasi-local artist David Quasius, aka Davinoff. His works depict the natural beauty of the island and its inhabitants, which include octopuses, crocodiles, and mermaids. You can even swim alongside a shark without concern!

History & Heritage Tour

With a guided tour that focuses on the most interesting aspects of our legacy, you can learn about Grand Cayman’s rich history. Admire Pedro St. James Castle, Grand Cayman’s oldest structure, before touring the Governor’s Residence, the National Museum, and more!

Lovers Wall

A stone wall with two modest plaques reading “Lovers Wall” exists on Queen’s Highway in the Eastern Grand Cayman district. From the wall enjoy views of local flora and impressive rock formations. It is preferable to explore this mystery sight at sunset, as the region is underwhelming during the day. It’s worth a visit following a visit to the Blowholes, which are only 2 kilometres away.

Vivine’s Restaurant

With the authentic Caribbean and Western fare on offer, the food is delicious and appeals to any patron’s taste. Because it’s also in the East End, it’s a great place to visit before or after the Blowholes.

Visit The Cayman National Art Gallery

Grand Cayman Villa Rentals, Seven Mile Beach Art Center

A fun and immersive way to learn about Cayman’s history and culture is through the journey of art. The Cayman National Art Gallery showcases permanent collections featuring unique art, from Caymansim Modernism and Contemporary to Realism. They also have ever-changing featured exhibits.

Caymanian Modernism emerged in the 1990s from a group of artists called the Native Sons. The Native Sons were inspired by a wide range of art movements such as expressionism, cubism, abstract, and realism. They wanted to express their heritage and sociocultural experiences. The story of transforming from a maritime society to a world tourist destination and financial mecca is front and center. As well as the effect it has had on the people.

The National Art Gallery also hosts the Realism Collection that represents the surge of artists moving to the Cayman Islands in the 1980s who wanted to capture the beauty of the natural environment and tourist attractions. The relationship of the people to the ocean is prevalent and beautiful.

We highly recommend visiting the Cayman National Art Gallery to challenge what it means to be Caymanian. Be sure to check out their website for their new exhibitions, events, and more. Admission is free and open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and closed on Sundays.

The Caymans – 65 Years of Diving History

Grand Cayman Beach Villas Diving

The Cayman Islands are where the idea of the dive vacation and destination dive resort was born, where wall and wreck diving became fashionable and continue to this day.

Spring forward 65 years and the islands that founded all things dive adventures are even more famous, offering an ever-widening range of underwater explorations for everyone from first timers to seasoned professionals.

Halfway between Cuba and Cozumel, on the edge of an undersea ridge above a 25,000-foot undersea abyss, Grand Cayman and the smaller Cayman Brac and Little Cayman have been attracting divers from all over the world since the 1950s, and currently boasts 365 moored, named sites encompassing everything from coral reefs and wall dives like the North Wall to world-famous wrecks like schooner Cali and the 251-foot World War 2 Navy ship USS Kittiwake.

The history of the development of diving on the Caymans over the years features many locally famous names and businesses. Bob Soto, an emigrant from Cuba opened the Caribbean’s first legitimate dive shop in 1957 after becoming a U.S. Navy frogman. In 1958 the Sunset Diver at Sunset House, the longest-running PADI dive operation in the Cayman Islands helped pioneer the on-site, full-service dive operations you find today.

By the ’70s, Soto was taking out 150 divers a day to local spots like the North & West Walls and Trinity Caves. About this time, on Grand Cayman, the Villas of the Galleons established itself as a favorite destination for diving enthusiasts.

A decade later, In the 1980s, a like-minded group of dive operators founded the Cayman Islands Watersports Association, providing a passionate and successful push to promote the islands’ dive potential.

More recently, in 2000, the Cayman Islands were inaugurated into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame based on its historic leadership in recreational diving.

As one of the original 70’s hideaways for divers on Grand Cayman, we continue to offer that same laidback, barefoot elegance that makes the history of Caribbean diving so appealing, and that has guests returning year after year. Come stay with us and experience the retro charm of Villas of the Galleon for yourself.

Welcome Back, Families!

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Now that the Cayman Islands have entered Phase 5 of its reopening plan, the Villas of the Galleon are looking forward to welcoming back you and your families to the Caymans. Children under the age of 12 now assume the vaccination status of their travelling parents or guardian thereby permitting them to enter the country without quarantine.

And, as with Phase 4, fully vaccinated travellers over the age of 12 are also exempt from quarantine, provided that vaccination status can be securely verified.

We’ve missed the many families that travel to Cayman each year, so for guests considering a last-minute beachfront getaway this winter, an exclusive 15% discount is available on your choice of Villas for travel now until March 31st.

We look forward to seeing you!

*For more information on the current travel requirements, please visit: www.visitcaymanislands.com/travel-requirements

Sun, Sand and Fun at Starfish Point.

Villas on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman - starfish

No trip to Grand Cayman is complete without a visit to Starfish Point.

Located on the quiet, north side of Grand Cayman, the shallow, azure waters off the beach are beautifully calm, allowing dozens of vibrant sea stars to bask in the sunlight. The most common species found at Starfish Point is the Red Cushion Sea Star (Oreaster reticulatus), known for its warm hues of red, orange, and yellow.

The beach offers a stunning location for a refreshing swim, and because the waters are mostly about knee-high, there is no need to bring snorkelling gear, though you can if you want a closer look at the local sea life. Please remember Sea stars are protected under Cayman law, and taking them out of the water is illegal as it will harm or even kill them.

This stunning, isolated sandbar is located 2.4 miles from famous Rum Point, making it a good day trip to hit both beach attractions for family-friendly adventures.

With palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze, and soft sand tickling your bare feet, this is truly a Caribbean paradise.

Barrels of Fun at Family-Friendly Rum Point

Villas on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman - rum point beach

Tucked away, on the quiet north side of Grand Cayman Island, Rum Point was named for the barrels of its namesake liquor that would frequently wash up on its beaches according to local legend. Rum Point is also famous for its soft, white sandy beaches, and crystal clear shallow and warm water making it the perfect destination for families.

The beach hammocks, shady trees, picnic tables, and delicious food attracts visitors, and its amenities include change rooms, showers, huts, hammocks, volleyball nets, and more. Daily trips to the Stingray Sandbar leave from Rum Point dock and beach watersports are provided by Red Sail Sports.

As lunchtime rolls around, stop by the Wreck Bar and Grill and feast on favorites such as Caybrew fish and chips and traditional Jerk Pork, loved by locals as well. After the sun sets dine under the stars at Rum Point Club Restaurant and try the Caribbean-inspired delights such as the Trio of Ceviche or Seafood Hot-Pot. Finish the evening off with a famous “Mud-Slide” cocktail invented right at Rum Point.

About 45 minutes by car from Villas of the Galleon, Rum Point is well worth the day trip. If you’re looking for a family-friendly or couples excursion, picturesque Rum Point needs to be on your list.

Five of the Best Snorkelling Destinations in Grand Cayman 

Villas on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman - sea turtle

Grand Cayman is one of the world’s top destinations for snorkelling and diving due to the warm waters, crystal clear waters, and of course, the abundance of coral reefs, tropical fish, and marine life. Here are our top five snorkelling spots in Grand Cayman!

The Aquarium

The best snorkelling on the Grand Cayman is about a half-mile off the northern end of rum point. You need to take a boat tour to get there and, the water can be a bit choppy but, the amount of coral and tropical marine life is unmatched anywhere else on the island.

Bioluminescent Bay

A unique night-time snorkelling adventure, a beautiful sparkling blue glow is emitted from below the water. Caused by plankton that creates energy from photosynthesis which causes the single-cell microorganisms to glow. Swim through the plankton to leave a trail of light.

Eden Rock and Devils Grotto

Just south of Seven Mile Beach, Eden Rock and Details Grotto is an easy swim to a network of caves and tunnels filled with tropical fish, coral, and sponges. Expect to find tarpon, silversides, parrotfish, and even barracuda!

Cemetery Beach

Cemetery Beach has the best snorkelling off Seven Mile Beach. Located on the northern end of the beach, it is more secluded. Teaming with coral and tropical fish, this is just a 60-yard swim from the beach.

Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens is in the North Sound section of the island. You will need to take a tour boat to this location. Here the waters are calm, sheltered by a barrier reef. The colourful coral and tropical fish make it feel like swimming in an aquarium.

Fabulous Five: Best Things to do in Grand Cayman

Villas on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman - beach

1. Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is a top attraction not only in Grand Cayman but in the world. With its 5.6 mile stretch of coral white-sand and crystal-clear turquoise water, it’s an absolute paradise. Find a secluded spot to bathe in the sun or take part in the many activities.

2. Rum Point

Rum Point got its name after a supposed shipwreck that spilled barrels of rum off the shore and is famous for the invention of the Mudslide cocktail at Wrack beach bar. Rum point, despite its name, is very family-friendly. Rum point has white sand beaches and shallow calm water, making it perfect for snorkeling around the barrier reef.

3. Stingray City

The world-famous Stingray City Sandbar is just a 15-minute boat ride from Rum Point. Swim with stingrays is one of the most popular excursions in Grand Cayman. The stingrays are comfortable around humans and don’t be surprised if they swim up against you.

4. Snorkeling

With so many beaches and snorkeling destinations in Grand Cayman, you could snorkel at a new place every day of the week. The range of biodiversity and its crystal-clear waters makes it easy to see coral reefs, tropical fish, stingrays, turtles, shipwrecks, and much more.

5. Diving

Diving in Grand Cayman is one of the biggest draws to the islands. For the beginner diver, check out Ex USS Kittiwake. A shipwreck that has been cut open for a safe and easy dive. For a more challenging dive, check out the North Wall, with over 1800 meters/6000 feet of coral to explore.

Our Top Five Beach Recommendations on Grand Cayman

Villas on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman - top 5

The Cayman Islands are known for their pure white sand beaches surrounded by coral reefs and best of all, all beaches are accessible to the public for free. Here are the top five beaches to visit

1. Seven-mile Beach consistently ranks as one of the best beaches in the world. Despite its name, its real length is 5.6 miles long. The seven-mile beach is special because it possesses soft white sand, warm crystal-clear turquoise water, and is close to coral reefs. There are tons of beach and water activities to partake in. It’s the perfect place to do, well – whatever your heart desires.

2. Starfish Point Beach got its name because this is where you will find colorful Starfish speckled along the shallow waters of the beach. Just walk out in the shallow water and you will find Starfish just below the surface. You can even touch them but be very gentle and careful not to remove them from the water. Bring Snorkeling gear if you want to go out a little further to see even more Starfish.

3. Rum Point is perfect for families with children. The shallow water and calm waters provide an oasis for swimming and snorkeling. With its white sand and many places to relax with a cocktail or smoothie to soak up the sun, it doesn’t get more picture-perfect than this.

4. Smiths Cove is a popular beach to relax and watch the sunset. The beach is on the south end of Grand Cayman Island and has the same soft white sand you would expect in the Caymans. The landscape has beautiful rock structures, making this a photographer’s dream. It is also a popular place to snorkel off the shore with lots of coral and tropical fish.

5. Barefoot Beach is for those who want to find a lesser-known secret beach. It’s on the northeast side of Grand Cayman – far away from tourist attractions. You will most likely have the beach to yourself. Expect to find it a little on the wild side with seaweed and driftwood washed ashore. On a calm day it’s a great spot to suntan, take a dip in the water or end the day with a beach barbeque.